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John Farr

John Farr’s Biography

“Life’s images are not only about blue skies and green trees. We have to learn to see much deeper.”

John Farr has shown interest in color and design for most his life. In grade school in Danville, Illinois, he thought that art was so much fun it was not a serious pursuit. It was recreational. “It became the dessert of life for me.”

Watercolor first interested John when he was in the Army based in Ft. Dix, N.J., which allowed him easy access to get art supplies in the City and absorb the City creative vibe. HIs first pursuits started out slowly but he found solace and pleasure passing time with a brush in his hand. Returning from the service and returning to college for a degree, he studied drawing, art history and sculpture. He used these disciplines in his career as an antique dealer and furniture designer in Atlanta, GA, showing his designs in High Point, N.C., and continued painting throughout this time in several mediums.

With more time to think about what is important in life, he pursued his painting after retirement. On a trip to Palm Springs, CA several years ago, he was inspired with art galleries and museums there using many rich and vibrant colors. They piqued his artistic senses. It was time to start painting again and express himself in color, texture, and composition that is so exciting in a new medium, acrylics.

“Painting for me today is about the enjoyment of life,” says John. “The feeling of accomplishment I get from finding the right shades, creating the right effect and working at it until my mind says, ‘That’s it.  No more. It’s done,’  is so rewarding.”

“I want my paintings to still be interesting good shelf life. I have just gotten started. I hope to paint until I no longer can find the door to the studio, and hopefully, that won’t come too soon.”

If anyone has any questions, feel free to contact him at:

John Farr   jfjon@me.com and my site @ Jfjon.com